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To travel with Azores Airlines is to start an “Azores” experience even before landing. Create the most exciting adventures in the Azores Islands.




Established in the Azores in 1941 and with almost seventy-five years of flights and eighty years of History, SATA has at its core the depth of the Azorean soul and is committed to overcoming the archipelago's isolation.


SATA currently operates a vast network of regular national and international routes, playing an essential role in the economic and social development of the Autonomous Region of the Azores.

Why Fly Azores Airlines?

Azores Islands

The Azores islands located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean offers idyllic landscapes. Azores Islands have a rich cultural diversity, which makes each island a new world waiting to be explored. In the Azores you will find landscapes of unparalleled beauty, monuments carved in stone from volcanoes, museums that will take you back in time, animals unique in all the world, a cuisine stuffed of intense flavors and people who will welcome you with arms wide open.

Add Stopover

Add a stopover up to 7 days in the Azores to your Atlantic journey and discover the unique beauty of one of the most sustainable destinations in the world. Pick your stopover on the way out, on the way back or both. Your choice.

Meals on board

Fresh products from the Azores and recipes inspired by the cooking tradition of the islands were very present in the preparation of the new menus. On the menu, some proposals were inspired by recipes such as Alcatra from Terceira Island, Cavacas from Santa Maria Island, Espírito Santo soups found on all islands, cheeses produced in the archipelago, and the typical sweets that we find at the table of many families in the Azores.