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Canada Jetlines®

An all-Canadian, value-focused leisure airline devoted to providing an elevated guest-centric experience from the first touchpoint.






Canada Jetlines offers a seamless travel experience, prioritizing convenience and embodying a strong service ethos. With a projected fleet of 15 aircraft by 2025, Jetlines welcomes you to embark on unparalleled experiences, where comfort and satisfaction remain at the forefront of your journey.

Why Fly Jetlines?


Jetlines has selected the Airbus A320 as its fleet standard, a testament to its fly-by-wire technology – to take you to preferred destinations within the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean. With a single-aisle cabin, you can enjoy a spacious environment from the moment you step onboard.

Customer Comfort

Equipped with a single-class Economy configuration, Jetlines presents slimline Recaro 3530 seats – a first among Canadian carriers – that are ergonomically designed to provide ample legroom and an eight-inch recline for added comfort.

In-Flight Entertainment and More

Settle in for an in-flight cinematic journey with wireless and complimentary streaming service by Moment. Enjoy movies, TV shows, games and more on your personal device while staying charged with in-seat USB ports. Let your spirits soar with Jetlines’ curated collection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, accompanied by a diverse assortment of meals and snacks.